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About Us & Our Objectives

The underlying philosophy of the Brown County Kansas Special Education Interlocal program is the fact that each child deserves the opportunity to develop their self as nearly as possible to their potential.  This is the reason for the existence of the BCK-SEI: to provide all services necessary to insure each exceptional child an opportunity to achieve as nearly as possible to the maximum of that child's capabilities.

The districts who are a part of the BCK-SEI are striving to make the Brown County Kansas Special Education Interlocal one of the best, if not THE best, interlocal in the state of Kansas.  In doing so, the exceptional children within the districts will receive the best services available in the state.

The general objectives of the Interlocal are as follows:

1.  To provide an appropriate education for every qualifying student within the boundaries of the cooperating districts.

2.  To develop self-actualization:  to stimulate the maximum development of abilities and skills that each individual possesses.

3.  To develop general and specific skills:  to develop the skills of oral communication, self-care skills, basic academic skills, good safety habits, desirable work habits in leisure time activities, habits in motor and sensory activities.

4.  To develop social competence:  to develop in each individual the ability to maintain effective relationships with their peers and others and to develop the ability to maintain an internal harmony within their self.

5.  To develop vocational and economic competence:  to develop vocational competence and economic productivity.

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